Sunday, 11 September 2016


So as we mourned and reflect on 09/11 across the Globe like I can't belive its 15 years ago ..
 My condolences to everyone that lost a special love one(S)!
Despite the reflection on 09/11 here in Denmark it was also a very special Day for my little City Silkeborg

Well for awhile now a New Motorway\Highway or #Motorvejen was In the making and today it was the official opening of the new Motorway.

After the ceremony Crown Prince of Denmark #Frederik graced all the Silkeborg citizen with his pressence and by the cutting of the Ribbon indicating that the Motorway is officially open!

Another amazing thing was that all the person that  owned an Electric car or #Elbiler was the first to drive on the  New #Motorway/motorvejen.

The turn out was lovely as well as the weather and the amount of #Electric cars that was present.

The Electric cars owners might be in the Guinness book of record because quite surprisingly the amount of Electric cars that attended ceremony Was around 350 Electric cars /Elbiler in Denmark like OMG!

I must say that one felt very special when driving on the New Motorway whilst the crowd observes, apart from the attentions that was received the ride was very smooth and silent... 
Like if you have never ride in an Electric Car trust me its a must try! 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Legoland and us

The other day my hubster and I took the kiddies to Legoland in Billund Denmark for the very first time...

They enjoyed themselves as we anticipated and for me personally I really enjoyed myself too which is quite seldom.

Reason being is that am not a "crowd" person like having alot of people around me makes me moody, irritable, miserable and nauseous am NOT quite sure if there is a diagonosis for me feeling like that but yep those are my symtoms...

There were loads of stuff to in take and part take in at Legoland on our visit .
Then again it's Legoland.

There  were few rides that my girls enjoyed and I was comfortable enough to allow them to try without me going all crazy and nervous.

I can sometimes be 110% over protected of my girls like if I could avoid certain things from harming them I would give up food, sleep, make-up and even my fake eye lashes among other things to protect them but unfortunately I cant but I can only guide them.

The rides or activities that they enjoyed compliment their age and height which is one requirement the Legoland staff looks out for and also ensure all visitors follow that rule.

If you happens to visit Denmark Legoland or any Legoland and your kids are within the age range 6, 4 and 2 years without a doubt these rides or activities will keep them busy, overly excited and screaming for more and more!

The first ride my girls kept on asking to try again and again was the monorail.
The Monorail is super duper awsome ride  and rest assure it's rather  nice and easy.... Easy like "Sunday Morning.

I dont really enjoy fast rides due to the fact that I get nauseous  very easy but this ride was very child friendly and moderate my 2 years old daughter loves it so much that she goes twice.

The Western ride is very much easy and child friendly as well and this was also one of my 3 kiddies  favorite ...ride
Then again who would not enjoy a Horse that stays in one place and goes in one direction. haha 
Plus the kids thinks they are the one directing the horses and of course is in charge of their Horse.

The Lego top was one of my favourite why? because it reminds me so much of the "London eye" 

The kids enjoys looking at the beauty that legoland has to offer.... Like the view from the top was just missing a 3D glasses and that my friend would seal the view.
Seeing the artwork or workmanship that all the staff members does was amazing to see  from the top and it actually makes me realize that there are few creative people around. Kudos to you guys.

Lego tog is a family friendly train ride that allows one to see everything that LEGOland has to offer and it's surrounding  basically it's  a tour and  the train happens to be your tour guide.

The Minibåde is a must experience that allows your child or children to think that they are the captain of their boat lol 
It also helps them to exercise patience because speeding is a no go and of course that leads to traffic ...

The Frog hopper was something I was not so keen on because I thought my oldest would not enjoy it because it goes way way up..and the last time I check height was not one of her favourite things but it turned out that I was more worried than her.
She even went twice on the Frog hopper!

Apart from those rides the kids also enjoys the play ground especially my youngest as well as sightseeing!

Ghost the haunted house was good to visit  but only if you have a very curious child like mine and whom is NOT afraid of the Dark 
My 4 years old suggested we should try it out..
She is always a curious one just like curious George lol

Overall we had a fantastic day the girls were overly exhausted but was determined to end their day by searching for gold yes one can also find gold at Legoland in Denmark!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Save by Gi den gas palads!

After having a busier than life week ..
My plan was just to relax and get some extra sleep seeing that it's the Easter Holiday
 So taking it easy on "Good-Friday" was my plan but then I remember nope NOT possible seeing that I have three active Bunnies that is super energetic due to extra sugar from having too much chocolate eggs ...

I wonder if I will ever get to meet those Chickens that decides to grant the Universe chocolate eggs during Easter!

If only wishes were horsses.....
Seeing that I would was never ever going to catch up on my sleep that I have been saving  for the past six years and counting and NOT to mention the extra interest that is added to my stached away sleep! 

I was forced by my on going Bunnies to find an activity that would keep them going and going until they are exhausted.

Thank goodness one of my favourite to go kiddies indoor play ground called "Gi den gas palads was open.

Gi den gas palads is just at my door step and NOT to mention they are always open well except for one day in the year that is  when they are closed for Christmas and on New Year's  day.

This Gi den gas palads is an indoor play ground that is located in Silkeborg Denmark.
It is one of the best and most convenient place for Parents, Grand-parents or whom ever and kids!
There  are loads of activities that will keep your child/children going unstopable.

The only reason a child/children will stop is if they decides to stop by the candy stand!

Like there are so many stuff to do, see part-take in and NOT to mention eat as well.

Hurra if you are an overly busy Mummi like me that always needs help with your child's Birthday dont worry Gi den gas palads can also assist!

One of the latest gadget that was added to the many activities at Gi den gas palads was the bowling section like how cool is that?

The Ball  section is one of my little Bunny favorite section ...

The LEGO section or the re-energized section is where my kids always re-charged themselves after using up all their energy else where!
Seriouly my kids always gets uber active after being at this section building something that they can understand.

This table here is where my almost seven years old shows her olympic skills lol... Bless her.

If you are ever close by or ever decided to visit Denmark with your family....
Please put Gi den gas palads on your to visit list!

The staff are friendly and always has a ready to assist face.
Multitasking  is their middle name!
Ensuring that everyone is comfortable, safe and satisfied is never a problem for the staff members at Gi den gas palads!

Vi ses snart...See you very soon!

Monday, 15 February 2016

Søndervig here we come!

The other day the hubster was free from Work and seeing that the weather was super duper lovely 

A road trip was a must because  even though am living in Denmark for over 4 years and counting there are few places I really need to visit.

The West part of Denmark has always been on my "places to travel in Denmark list."
Especially a little town called Søndervig!

Søndervig is a very small town  located in Ringkøbing that is so amazing during Summer, Spring and Winter. 
whenever the Sun decides to visit during winter it can be like a movie you would want to watch over and over until you know that movie script by script.

Søndervig is also a tourist destination.
During summer it can be rather crowdy due to the camping facilities their famous sand sculptur and it's amazing Beach!

I know it was not Summer but like I said the Sun was shining which makes me a rather happy and an over excited Island-Mum. 
So the cold would NOT dampen my exotic enthusiacisn.

The Sand Sculptur is a must see during Summer!

Just look at the art work!
Isn't it awsome to see what one can use sand to do?

You can also rent a Summer House and the best thing about the summer houses are that they are literally 3 to 4 minutes walk from the Beach...

I was very happy and thankful for our family road trip to Søndevig and am quite certain there will be a next visit.

Our love for the Søndervig is beyond words.

As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words!